The first programming language I learned was Algol-60. We didn’t have a full-screen IDE. We used punch cards and paper terminals to write our source code. It were the late seventies.

It’s about forty years later now. My mobile phone can do more than the mainframe that filled an entire computer room of the university back in those days. In the meantime I have used a lot of programming languages: Algol-60, Pascal, APL, Lisp, Prolog, Basic, Cobol, Forth, Assembler, C, C++, C#, F#, Javascript, Haskell.
I communicated with other developers using Fidonet and BBSes. Then came CompuServe. Wow, that opened the world for a lot of us.
Nowadays, we simply google for any question we have, and we copy paste a lot of code from GitHub, CodeProject, SoureForge, CodeGuru or similar web sites. At least, I do. I am a big customer of all the source code that is available online. Open Source is an exciting concept. I can build on the ideas of other programmers, or they can improve the code I published.

Why am I publishing this website in three languages? Because I can. Apart from playing around with programming languages I also like to study foreign languages.