Outlook KanBan board aka JanBan


The JanBan Outlook Taskboard is a kanban board style view for Outlook Tasks.

This project is based on Evren varol’s Outlook Taskboard.
I have added a lot of features, customization and configuration options.

JanBan board

The main features of JanBan are:

Moving Tasks between task lanes

Moving Tasks

Filtering Tasks




Support Mailbox


Platforms supported

Only tested with Outlook 2013 and 2016 running on Windows 8.1/10.
It may also work with earlier Outlook versions, and possibly work with Windows 7.

The taskboard can also be opened in Internet Explorer. Due to limitations with ActiveX controls, only Internet Explorer 9/10 and 11 are supported.

Setup options

JanBan can be run from the internet or it can be set up locally on your computer.

In both cases it will run locally within your Outlook application, and none of your Outlook data will be exposed to the outside world.

This overview of the pros and cons will help you select the option that’s best for you:

SetupVery easyQuite a bit of work
UpdatesAutomatic, no action needed from your sideYou need to install the updates yourself
OfflineThe app won’t work when you have no internet connectionThe app can be used offline as well

Default Setup

The easiest setup is to go to https://janware.nl/janban, and follow the instructions there.

But if you want to do it manually:

  1. Right-click your Outlook Home Folder and then click Properties. Select the Home Page tab in the Properties dialog box.
  2. In the Address box, type: https://janware.nl/janban.
    Click to select the Show home page by default for this folder check box and then click OK.

Local Setup

  1. Download the latest release zip file from JanWare and extract it to a folder in your local hard drive.
  2. Right-click your Outlook Home Folder and then click Properties. Select the Home Page tab in the Properties dialog box.
  3. In the Address box, browse to the folder you have just extracted the Taskboard files and select the kanban.html file.
    Click to select the Show home page by default for this folder check box and then click OK.


    Folder Home Page Offline Warning

    If you receive above warning, simply click X icon to close both warning prompt and the Properties window.

Using install-local command file

Click the download link and save the file to your download folder
Go to your Downloads folder, right-click the janban.zip file and select Extract All
Tick the box to show the extracted files and click the Extract button
Double-click the install.cmd file. You’ll see a black command screen for a short time.
In some cases you will see this Windows protection screen. Click on More info.
Click on Run anyway
The installation is ready. Open Outlook and go to your top-level mail folder. The Janban board will show up. Have fun!

48 thoughts on “Outlook KanBan board aka JanBan

  1. I tried to install it, but keep getting this error: WriteLog:getTaskFromOutlook:TypeError:kan de eigenschap mailbox van een niet-gedefinieerde verwijzing of een verwijzing naar een lege waarde niet ophalen.

    It looks like it can’t find the right task folders. Do I need to configure them manually?

  2. Hi Jan,
    I was using janban happyly for some time but are now receiving this error: writeLog:getTasksFromOutlook: TypeError: Unable to get property “mailbox”of undefined or null reference

    Is there an issue with Janban that you are aware of or is it my outlook?

  3. Hi Jan,
    I just came across your site and love the idea to use JanBan to organise the tasks in Outlook. My question now is whether I would be able to synch the tasks/boards between my PC and Notebook (I am using Microsoft Business Standard and E-Mails, tasks and calender are always synchronised between the two devises).
    Best regards,

    • Hi Udo,
      I do not know Microsoft Business Standard. If you have Outlook on your notebook, and the tasks are synced, then you should be able to run Janban on your notebook too.

      Best regards

  4. Great app and thanks for supplying a truly relevant and modern feature to Outlook.

    Q: Where can I see release notes for the latest releases? It is most valuable for me to be able to evaluate before updating and also understand what’s new.

  5. Hello Jan,

    Thank you very much for JanBan! I really like it, however I am experiencing some lag/delays when running it. I did a local install because this is a company account and I would rather just have the tool running on my local machine. Could this be the reason?
    Again, thank you very much for this tool! It will make my life much easier 😉

    Warm regards,


  6. Hi Jan,
    just updated to the latest version 2.1.1! Great performance improvement. Many thanks!


  7. Jan, first of all, great tool! Exactly what I needed to maintain a personal, secure kanban board. Pretty much all the common tools out there (Trello, Jira, etc.), even when they have a plugin for Outlook, they are still cloud-based.

    One feature I would love to see: others have mentioned being able to read additional task folders as Evren varol’s Outlook Taskboard did. I’d agree with that. A bit more abstractly, the ability to create and custom sort the columns from within your GUI would be amazing!

    Thanks so much for the great add-in and cheers from Atlanta, GA!

  8. Hi Jan,
    I have just seen that you published a new version. Many thanks for your great work!
    I am curious if you considered the use case I reported above (I cannot create subfolders under the Tasks folder). I tried with the neew version, but got an error (cannot get or create folder). I wonder if there is anything I missed in the setup.
    Best regards,

  9. Awesome work. Super neat. I used the original version a few years ago, but as some pointed out it was buggy. Yours works perfectly.

    Please consider incorporating task folders synced from SharePoint. That would also enable the shared tasks scenario.

  10. Hi Jan
    This is exactly the tool we needed! Thank you so much for sharing it. We decided to install it localy. Any way to be notificated when you publish an update?

  11. Hello Jan,

    Thanks for advancing the Outlook kanban board. Really appreciate your effort
    It is easy to implement to Outlook and use with quick steps.

    Using Win10 + Outlook 365

    Best Regards

  12. I’m Ngoc from Vietnam.
    Your tool is very useful, I love it.
    I will present it to more people.
    Many thanks and looking for more useful feature from you.

    • I am working on making the taskboard working for other mailboxes, apart from your default one. I will see if that is a solution for shared mailboxes, too. Coming bak to it.

  13. Hello Papa Smurf, how are you?
    I’m from Brazil and I loved Kanban for Outlook,
    I would just like to know if I can, receive tasks from my team members and attach to the kanban putting them as responsible, in my kanban

  14. Hi Jan,
    thanks for picking up and continuing this great project!
    I have one issue. I my company I am restricted to creating all Task Folders in Root only. I cannot create subfolders for tasks. I searched and tried to change the path to the tasks folders, but had no success.
    Do you have any hints how to resolve this?

      • Hi Jan, thanks for your reply! I am currently using the original proof of concept from Frederik Eichler (from github), there the folders must be in the top level, but of course it lacks many many features.
        If I can be of any help with testing or any infos. Let me know!

  15. Hi Jan,
    I’ve just installed Janban and apart from a stupid error on my part, it works brilliantly.

    FYI :
    I’m using MS Office Professional 2019 Outlook and once I followed the instructions here :

    to reinstate the “Home Page” folder properties tab, it worked perfectly.

    Many many thanks, I really appreciate the effort and time you put into this

    • Thanks Dave,
      I really enjoy developing this application. The fact that so many people find it and use it, makes it even more fun.

  16. Hi Jan,

    I just started using JanBan in outlook. I like it very much. I am having a few problems that could be operator error but wanted to ask just in case. I renamed the Waiting column to Delegated and use it to track tasks after assigning them in outlook. The problem I’m encountering is the tasks are not updating on your board as the status is updated in outlook. Am I doing something wrong? Your help is appreciated

    • Hi Bob,
      Sorry for this very late reply.
      The board doesn’t refresh automatically. However, every time you open it, it will display the current state of the tasks. You can also try to use the refresh button on the top bar.
      Does this help?

  17. Awaiting my new Lenovo laptop from work as I am moving back to Windows/Office (Mac user for three years and don’t like the Outlook restrictions – Quick steps, Janban etc..)

    I am so excited to try Janban as it I love the interface and simplicity (compared with https://flow-e.com which I was considering).

    My question is – can to drag and drop email to the task board and create a task and/or use a quick step?

    • Yes, you can easily use a quick step in Outlook to create a task from an email.

      My quick step setup is:

      – Create a task with attachment
      – Move to folder Archive
      – Mark as Read

      Shortcut key: Ctrl-Shift-F2

      Having the original email as an attachment makes it very easy to read the message or reply right from the task.

  18. This is incredible. I’ve been using Outlook Taskboard, but it’s a bit buggy and this looks very polished.
    I like how customisible it is without needing to edit code.

    One issue i’m having though, is – when using it on my high resolution Surface Pro – is that everything’s microscopic in size. There seems no way to adjust the size or zoom. I’ve set the overall windows zoom to 250% which is almost too zoomed in as it is, but this doesnt affect janban.

    Using janban on my pc has no issues, however I keep all my gtd task stuff on my Surface so that I can work without having to flip between things.

    • Answered my own question by just trial and erroring, the zoom slider is greyed out, but you can pinch to zoom without it actually zooming into emails too, so that works.
      you seem to need to re-zoom every time you open outlook though, but it’s better than nothing.

      Would be nice to get an option to auto zoom to a certain level though!

  19. This is cool, and it even has the small button in the lower right of the task box, to open a linked OneNote page. Just what I needed. Thank you!

  20. Dear Jan, thank you so much for JanBan! I really love it. Just one small question… I’m using two different email adresses/mail boxes in Outlook. Is there a possibility to choose in JanBan which of the individual Task lists it will use? If there is a solution it will make my day…! Thank you

    • Hi Christoph,
      Thank you for using JanBan!
      Your second email-address, is it an Office365/Exchange mailbox? Or an IMAP like Gmail or so?


    • Christoph, please send me a message through the Feedback button on the Janban help form. I am busy developing the multi-mailbox version. I need help from a few users having more that one mailbox configured.

  21. Dag Jan,
    Ik heb helaas geen ‘Home Page Tab’ in properties; deze is standaard niet meer opgenomen en wijzigingen in de registry aanbrengen is niet mijn ding.

    Bestaat er nog een andere wijze om Kanban te installeren.


    • Dag Jean-Pierre,

      Ik heb op deze pagina installatie-instructies toegevoegd. Ik hoop dat het je daarmee wel lukt.

    • Jean-Piere,
      Er is inmiddels een versie die je niet lokaal hoeft te installeren. Misschien helpt dat. Zie de setup-instructies op deze pagina.

  22. Super fork!
    Alleen jammer dat ze bij ons op het werk mcafee hebben en dat ik iedere keer toestemming moet geven om een externe applicatie toegang te geven tot mijn outlook….
    Gebruik het graag!

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