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Welcome to my website!

My name is Jan van Veldhuizen, also know as PapaSmurf. I have over 40 years of experience as a programmer. My greatest interests are artifical intelligence and foreign languages. On this website, I blog about these topics.

This website is multilingual 👆 ( ), but I usually publish technical articles only in English.

Recent articles

Dutch elections 2023

Today is election day in the Netherlands. The country seems more divided than ever before. So many parties... and no less than four parties could become the largest with only a few votes difference. The debate on television is more a power struggle between left and right than a discussion about content. Hopefully, from tomorrow, there will be more cooperation and less division.


The Cloud: is it just your neighbor's computer?

"There is no cloud. It is just someone else's computer." This is often said to demistify 'the Cloud'. On one hand this is true; it's just a bunch of computers in data centers around the globe. However, it's also my own computer in my attic. On the other hand, the cloud is a concept that is more than borrowing your neighbor's computer. The cloud is like a tunnel, a gateway to powerful, shared computing, letting you use and store data far beyond your own hardware's limits.


Living in a boot


Over thirty years ago, I created a jigsaw puzzle for one of my children using a drawing I had made myself.

Now, I've made a similar image using AI, and it was ready in just a matter of minutes.


Octopus biking in Amsterdam

Until today, I have been using Midjourney to create images. Today I tried the new DALL-E via Bing. 'Draw an octopus riding a bike in Amsterdam,' I requested. It is funny that it draws a windmill, a Dutch flag, and tulips to make clear that it's set in a Dutch city. 🌷🇳🇱


New York's Deluge

It has been raining quite severely in New York lately. NBC News Even the torch of the famous Statue of Liberty has been replaced with an umbrella, but the umbrella itself can hardly withstand the storm.


Doghead 2.0

In the past century, the Netherlands had trains that were nicknamed 'Doghead' due to the shape of their fronts. I recently attended an exhibition where a new series of train sets was unveiled, named 'Doghead 2.0'.

The old Doghead: