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AI Images

Free Hot Dogs for Moscow Residents

Residents of Moscow will have a day off this coming Monday. Originally, the holiday was declared due to an advancing threat from the army of Prigozhin, a former hotdog vendor. This threat now appears to have been averted. Regardless, Monday will remain a day off. All citizens are invited to the Red Square to receive a free hotdog.

hot dogs

Boris Johnson's new job

After being dismissed from Parliament, Boris Johnson found a new job the very next day - a columnist for the Daily Mail. One might wonder why he didn't pursue this path earlier. He's pretty good at writing funny articles. Arguably, this could have been a more suitable role for him than being a political clown in the Brexit spectacle.

Boris Johnson

Messi is going to play at Miami Beach

Lionel Messi is trading the golden moutains of Saudi Arabia for the sandcastles of Miami Beach. A modest sum of 120 million euros was enough to convince him to make the Sunshine State his new home.

Poor Messi

Running for President

Last week, news broke that Joe Biden stumbled while ascending the stage. Surprisingly, Donald Trump's reaction was rather gracious, as he said, "I hope he wasn't hurt". Regardless, both remain in the race. I generated this image with Midjourney and titled it: "Running for President".

Running for President

AI Images

As an enthusiastic user of both Midjourney and DALL-E, I’ve decided to regularly share pictures that I’ve created using AI. Sometimes, these images will be inspired by current news—whether they’re humorous, critical, or a blend of both. At other times, they’ll simply be the outcome of my experiments with AI tools.